Monday, June 09, 2008

hot stuff

We're experiencing our first real heat wave of the season as I type this.

On Friday, I was on a day off from work and we were out doing errands and I really felt gross. Moving around in the humid, dirty air, was not fun and really reinforced for me, how important it is to get into better shape this summer. When I am more fit, the heat doesn't bother me as much.

Over the weekend, I must say that heat wave and all, we were more active than we've been in a while. As tempting as it may have been to just sit in front of the television, eating popsicles and enjoying the air conditioning, we got stuff done. On Saturday, I spent four hours (yes FOUR hours!) sorting through clothes. It was finally hot enough to pack the sweaters away and get the summer things out. When I was done, I had 3 bags of stuff (some of it belongs to my hunny) for the Value Village donation bin and 5 bags of stuff for the trash (although I'm trying to find a quilter or textile artist who might want it - it's not good enough for donations but I don't want it to end up in a landfill).

I realized that some stuff I was hanging onto "until I lost weight" was just taking up valueable real estate in my closet and dresser. I kept a few things that I really love which are too small for me (I live in hope!) but for the most part, I realized that when I lose weight and need new stuff, I'll want to buy stuff so there was no sense hanging onto this stuff that someone else could use. Getting that done felt amazing. Having room in my dresser again is such a treat.

In addition to that, we took the puppy out to a park in the country we really like. We were up quite early yesterday and I felt like we owed it to him (and to us) to have some kind of outing that required physical activity. He really enjoyed being near the water and walking around in the park (on his leash) and meeting some other dogs. We enjoyed the walking and the gorgeous lake shore breezes and all felt better for having done it. Every Sunday that it's not raining, we're planning to repeat this activity. We won't necessarily visit the same park each week but it'll be good for all of us to be moving around on the weekends.

So yeah, that's it for me. I think I missed a wrap-up last week but things are going okay. I'll definitely have a wrap-up this week so stay tuned!!