Thursday, September 04, 2008

happy new year

This first week in September always feels like January to me. I think it's because our sleepy campus wakes up after the summer and everything gets moving again.

I'm included in the things that get moving right now. The past week has been touch and go. I've definitely eaten "well" more often than not over the past week but not as well as I will next week. Each week that passes sees a definite improvement in the choices I'm making at meal time.

Partly because we're trying to be less impulsive with our meals and partly because we're pretty broke this month, we're trying to plan out our weekly meals. So far, we've not planned more than a couple of days in advance but that's a good start I think. A huge challenge to our clean eating regime is the weather. We've both been suffering with bad weather-related headaches and that throws the eating thing way off. On headache days, one of several things can happen: either we eat and are sick, or don't eat, or eventually eat but eat too much and eat not good things because we're treating ourselves after the headache.

Not ideal is it? It's also the reason for the not so good days for yours truly. However, despite that, I'm moving more, walking more and that feels good. I've not stepped on the scale but I feel like I'm not retaining water like I was so that's kind of nice. Baby steps, right? Like I said earlier, as long as I improve what I'm doing each week, that's what is most important.