Friday, April 29, 2005

day 2 - a wee list

Things are going pretty well, on day two. My eating is hugely improved and I'm feeling better for it. My nerves are settling down and I'm sleeping better so the house stress is ebbing away. All in all, it's not too bad.

I have made a quick list of reasons why I am happy to be getting back on track:

1. I actually like exercising and have missed it terribly.
2. I have missed fresh crunchy foods (over the past couple of weeks we've eaten far too few of them).
3. I want to be able to post losses here on Mondays, not just "maintains" or (heaven forbid) more gains.
4. I want to go shopping. I promised myself I wouldn't buy any new clothes until I was down a size. I have kept that promise but now that the cute summery clothes are in the stores, I want to go shopping again!
5. I missed folks saying, "wow, have you lost *more* weight?!"

Some of the reasons are shallow but what the hell, sometimes I'm shallow. Deep down, I seriously want be a healthy old lady. In the meantime though, I want to be a thinner, fitter, young-ish old lady!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

day 1 re-restart or "stopping the madness"

Oh goodness.

Things have been spiraling out of control over the past week. Try as I might to make more good choices than bad, it's been quite tough over the past few days. Because we're still having to show the house, we've been on this eating out/grabbing takeout thing all week. Even yesterday, when I was sick and we didn't have to go out, my hunny went out for take away fish and chips. He does the majority of our cooking (because he's a chef!) and his knee has been acting up since the weekend. When that happens (he has bursitis), he can't stand for long to cook. No one is to blame really, we're just all feeling kind of crappy. When you're not feeling well, your resistance is lowered and the junky food comes marching through.

This morning when I got up, I still felt kind of sick. Because we have another showing tonight, I had to clean (again) instead of exercising. It's bad, I know. I made a conscious decision though, starting today, I'm going to eat has "healthy" as I possibly can. Before today, I kept telling myself that I wouldn't worry too much about it until the sale of the house was finalized. With that all (hopefully) happening early next week, I see no reason to drag this madness out any longer. If all goes well, we shouldn't have to show the house again so I won't need to be scrubbing the toilet at 5 a.m. Tomorrow I should be able to resume my exercise routine. So far today, the eating thing is going well and I will work at keeping it going all weekend.

Today is my last "re-start" of 2005. I'm sick of not getting anywhere. It's ending now. This is it. Day one, new beginning. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

day 115 - relapse

Hey kids.

This will be quick because there really isn't much to say today. I was home sick again today. My throat was so sore all day and last night that I couldn't sleep much. I had a terrible night but was able to sleep this morning, the whole morning in fact, and part of the afternoon. I could go back to sleep right now actually, I might too.

I do feel a little bit better right now though so I think that staying home and getting some rest has done me a world of good. I sure hope this cold is over with soon.

In other news, we have received a second offer on our house. It's a pretty low-ball offer though. We've signed it back for $1100 over our asking price. This offer would only kick in if the first offer fell apart on Monday night. I'm not expecting that to happen though so this is just a "back-up," in the event that we need a back-up. After two weeks of freaking out, it's really nice to have options.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

day 114 - brighter

happy tuesday folks.

So we may have sold the house. We'll know for sure on Monday night. It's looking very good though and we're feeling optimistic. I even caught myself, just before I fell asleep last night, thinking about the new house. It is something that I hadn't allowed myself to do while our house was still unsold. I hadn't realized that I'd been doing that until I started thinking about the house. Because we have a week between the time we get possession of the new place and when we have to be out of the old place, I should be able to get a bunch of painting done before we move in. Never before in my life has this ever happened.

As far as health, fitness and all that jazz goes, well things are still all over the place. Again this morning, I had to clean instead of working out because we have another showing at 5 p.m. Until the offer we accepted last night is totally finalized, we have to keep showing the house, just in case.

I'm pretty impressed that I have managed to keep things together as well as I have. Don't get me wrong, I've been a huge mess but I feel like I've been coping pretty well. For example, ordinarily, when faced with this much crap, my back would go out on me. *touch wood* This has not happened to me since October. I know that I have been able to keep up with the marathon cleaning, moving of furniture, packing and what-not because of the recent increase in my workouts. My cold (yes it's still lingering -- had a killer sore throat again this morning) aside, physically I feel really strong. My stamina when faced with extended periods heavy physical activity is much greater than I ever remember it being, even when I was high school and could heave 50 pound bags of potatoes around.

Thank you for indulging all of my whining and moaning about this house sale. I appreciate all of the support everyone here has shown. I promise that this blog will soon return to normal (me bitching about food and exercise). This time next week, I'll be a much happier shrinking girl. Our house will officially be sold and I'll be seriously back into my fitness routine. It's a great feeling.

Monday, April 25, 2005

quick update

Some good news on the house front. You can read all about it on my regular site.

day 113 - week 17

Our house is still for sale. It's been over a week now and we've had dozens of folks through but no offers. Not yet anyway. Logically I know it's only just been a little over a week. We had another open house yesterday and two showings on Saturday so I wasn't able to be home much. When I am home anymore, all I do is clean or try to not move too much (in an effort to not make a mess). We have another showing this morning. I know that all of this interest is very good and I'm happy to keep the house clean and tidy because I know that we'll be selling it soon.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday so we took him and my mum out for a very late lunch (during the open house). It was great to see them and have a nice visit. I showed some restraint and had a salad while we were out. The rest of the weekend, I wasn't as good. TOM is a little late this month (stress does this to me) and I went on a bit of a chocolate binge on Saturday night in addition to eating french fries twice over the weekend. The sooner that our house is sold the better it is for my health, let me tell you. Once it's sold, I think I'm going to go on a juice fast for a few days. Honestly, the amount of crap I have shoveled into myself over the past few weeks is just ridiculous.

My biggest issue right now is that I don't get to relax, at all. I have been tense and worried since we bought our new house and don't anticipate feeling any better until we have sold ours. I also can't relax at home because of the cleaning thing. Also, every time that the phone rings, my stomach jumps into my throat and I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to find out if it's our agent calling with an offer. My hunny feel confident that we're going to be getting an offer this week. I really hope he's right, I can't wait for this to be over!

Anyway, once again, its Monday so here is my latest weekly wrap-up:
summary - week 16
  • I was still sick with that head cold for most of last week. When I wasn't completely down and out because of it, I was cleaning the house so, some things didn't get done last week.
  • I had two days of intentional exercise last week (Monday and Wednesday). For the rest of the week, on the days where I did not exercise, I cleaned like a mad woman and I know for sure that I'm burning some calories that way and some is better than none, right??
  • calories...calories... I half-assed tracked my calories last week. I know that the weekend was bad but last week, I think I did a pretty good job with my eating (for the most part)
  • I got back into my vitamin routine and took them all, 6 days out of 7 (yesterday was a write-off for some reason)
  • exceeded daily water intake goal 7 out of 7 days
  • reluctantly, I weighed in Friday and was relieved to have only gained 2 pounds throughout all of this chaos and crap. That leaves me at 15 pounds lost, total, since my restart in January. Not terrific but it could have been much worse

Friday, April 22, 2005

day 110 - finally friday

Good morning!

Gradually, I seem to be getting back to normal. I slept very well last night and my cold seems to be slipping away. Aside from the odd coughing fit, I'm almost totally recovered. It seems to have ended just as quickly as it started.

Fitness wise, this week hasn't been the best but I am letting myself off the hook because of the cold thing. Next week I'll be back to normal, I know it.

I dared to step on the scales this morning (brave huh?? to weigh-in on the eve of the TOM?). I'll admit, I was really nervous and didn't want to face it. Sadly, it's not one of those things that you can ignore forever, is it? Given that over the past month there has been stress-related binge eating, more meals eaten on the run, out of the house, than around the dinner table, sickness, little exercise, and the previously mentioned looming TOM, I was shocked to have gained only 2 pounds since my last weigh-in. Now, it's entirely possible that I had gained more than that and my "improved behavior" this week helped un-do some of the damage. It's also possible that all of the cleaning I've had to do has helped me burn calories. Either way, a gain is never good but I can definitely deal with 2 pounds.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

day 109 - breathing is good

My goodness, what a difference a day makes. For the past two nights, I have taken extremely large doses of cold medication. This knocked me out and enabled me to sleep, something I hadn't done much of over the past few weeks. Today, I'm feeling the benefits of a good rest. The coughing is only happening every once in a while, my nose is almost completely unstuffed -- I've only had to blow my nose a few times this morning. 'Bout time huh??

My morning workout consisted of me scrubbing the bathroom and vacuuming, at 5 a.m. Good times I tell ya. We had another showing this morning. Can you actually scrub the enamel off of a toilet? Surely to goodness that will happen to me. I have never cleaned so much in my whole life. Part of me hopes that I'll keep some of it up when we move. Cleaning is something I just hate and should definitely do more of. I just can't get into it. I will admit, it takes less time to do it when you're doing it all the time. I know that this is sort of an extreme thing, because of the sale of the house, but it is nice coming home at night to a totally sparkling clean house.

My eating has been pretty good this week, despite the chocolate chip muffin and the Mars bar I ate on Monday night. We've been eating at home more this week and I've been making big salads to go with our meal. I find that whenever we have a salad with a meal, I don't get those late evening munchies that are so dangerous. I still have not yet summoned the courage to step on a scale. Right now, I think I'd rather keep up with my "damage control" and check the scales once TOM is over (it should start in the next couple of days).

In all, the week will probably end on a more positive note than it started. As Martha would say, it's a good thing!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

day 108 - on the mend?

I'm not sure if I am actually feeling better today or not. Right now I am but this morning I felt totally crappy. Yesterday afternoon, and again this morning, for a couple of hours each time, I develop this absolutely dreadful sore throat. As I mentioned, after a couple of hours it goes away but while I have it, it's feels like broken glass or sandpaper rubbing against my throat. Last night I had a better night's sleep than the night before (thank you Nyquil!) but I still woke up at 2:33 a.m. for some reason.

I had to give my workout a miss this morning. I felt so terrible, weak and dizzy, that I knew I couldn't do it without hurting myself. I am planning on going for a little walk in a bit so at least I'll get some intentional exercise today. Goodness knows I need it, in a weak moment this morning I had a chocolate chip muffin of all things.

At least it's the middle of hump day right now. I try not to "wish the week away" usually but I really want to get some rest and I know I won't be able to do that until the weekend.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

day 107 - a different kind of workout

How many calories does worry burn? If stress burned calories, boy howdy, I'd be at such a deficit right now that I'd be losing 10 pounds a week.

This morning I didn't have time to workout (I'm writing this from work - I just got in). We found out late last evening that we have another viewing this morning. After that "normal" viewing (by some people with their agent) we have an agents' caravan coming through. I got up at my normal time this morning and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. Honestly, if you can find a crumb or speck of dust on any surface in my house, I'll eat it. Wait, how many calories are in dust?? Hopefully, it'll work out that we're only showing the house every other day. If it does happen like that, I'll exercise on the days I don't have to do the obsessive compulsive cleaning ritual. See, I sort of have a plan!

Honestly, I'm so exhausted. I barely slept last night. I could fall asleep but I'd stay that way for about 45 minutes and I'd be up again. Naturally, the best sleep I had all night was in that hour before the alarm went off. I know that technically, the house has only been on the market since Friday (even though the listing went on the MLS the previous Thursday) and we have a whole four weeks to get a firm, signed offer but still, neither of us are sleeping much. I had no idea how stressful this would be.

Sadly, because I'm not sleeping much, this cold is still kicking my ass. I feel really lousy today. I woke up with a killer sore throat. I can't wait to feel healthy again, it seems like it's been a long, long time since I did. I know that I'm just letting everything get to me this past couple of days because of PMS. Doesn't it seem like the fun just never ends??

On an up note, we had our first barbecue of the season last night. It was terrific. I made a huge salad and we had lots of grilled veggies. After two weeks of take out or sandwiches, it was really nice to have a proper dinner at home again.

Monday, April 18, 2005

day 106 - week 16

I worked out this morning!! For the first time since April 5, I got my butt onto my bike, I did some stretching, I lifted some weights. It wasn't the most fabulous thing you've even seen though. I had to stop frequently to blow my nose. Instead of my regular 30 minute interval, I only rode 20 minutes but that's not important. I just feel so much better for doing something. Well, something besides cleaning my house or blowing my nose.

Our house is very clean. There is no clutter anywhere, in some rooms, you can actually smell cleaning product residue. It's odd, it's antiseptic, it feels fake and uncomfortable. Such is life when you are selling your house though. Our agent had an open house yesterday. Apparently, 27 groups of people went through during the 2 hour open house. I don't know much about these things but I think that's pretty good. In addition to the open house, we've had about 5 viewings (not bad considering that we only "officially" started doing them on Friday).

On the cold front, I'm finally feeling a little better. Still not 100% but hugely improved over last week. Because both LOG and I are sick with it, we decided to not go into Toronto over the weekend like we had planned. I'm so glad that we stayed home. Saturday was spent being very lazy. We slept late and then had naps in the afternoon. I actually felt rested by the time Sunday rolled around. This cold has been downright nasty and I'll be glad to see it go!

Anyway, once again, its Monday so here is my latest weekly wrap-up. I missed last week so today's is a two-fer:
summary - week 14 & 15
  • week 14 was a bit of a blur. In the middle of it all, with our house completely torn up and us living at a motel for several days, I got sicker than I have been in a good long time with a really bad cold. In the middle of week 14, I was unable to exercise, completely out of my routine and had stopped tracking what I ate. I'm not sure what or how I did that week.
  • I did not formally workout at all during week 15. I did do a lot of heavy lifting, big time cleaning. Generally I worked like a dog all day Monday and Tuesday
  • I know I took vitamins a couple of times last week. Mostly, I took a lot of cold medication
  • exceeded daily water intake goal 7 out of 7 days. This one, I have no problem with, sick or not. Unfortunately, I was badly dehydrated because of my cold so I was drinking a lot of water.
  • have not weighed in since,'s been a few weeks. I'm not sure at all what I weigh right now.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

day 102 - fatty fat fat fat


I still have this damned cold. It's better today (so I'm back at work) but I'm not well enough to do any real exercise yet. I'm so easily winded right now, it's sick. Also, I can fall into a massive coughing fit with no notice, for apparently no reason, at anytime. On the upside, my body's snot production seems to be diminishing slightly.

This morning I got up at my normal time but instead of exercising, I scrubbed the bathroom. Last night I polished all the wood in the bathroom (yeah, we have these weird - but nice - wooden cabinets in our bathroom) so all I had to do this morning was the floor and fixtures. The whole house looked terrific when we left for work. We had another "early" viewing this morning. I sure hope that folks are liking it. I think it looks good, freshly painted white, rooms almost empty, no knick-knacks or personal items out at all. The place looks really big and bright. We have 6 weeks to sell it (or we have to start getting creative with our financing). I'm sure we'll have an offer well before then. Our agent thinks that we might have a couple of them on Monday (after the open house we're having this Sunday). Luckily, we have to go out of town overnight on the weekend so we'll be away from the madness. I would love to be spending Monday night reading over offers, fingers crossed please!!?

Right now, the house is an all-consuming monster for me. I'm obsessed with making sure that every room is spotless. This is not easy to do when you have to actually live in the house. I know that I'm being way too hard on myself. Yesterday, when I was sick, I had a little talk with myself and I decided that I wouldn't get all bent out of shape if everything wasn't just "perfect." It looks nice and I know that someone will buy it, I just can't wait for all of this to be over so we can book the movers and get ready to go.

With the house to distract me from healthy eating and exercise, I'm feeling like a huge blob. Partly this is because of my cold. My eating is all over the place too though, I'm either eating too much or not enough, there is no happy medium right now. I just want that, a medium that is happy, a normal life, with regular stress, not super extreme mega stress. Ugh. If I can get through the next few days I know it'll be fine. I told myself it would be and I wouldn't tell myself a lie!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

day 101 - whoa

Where did days 97 through 100 go??

I'm sorry that I haven't been around but I've been sick and we've been working on the house. I wrote a whole big, whiney post about it on my regular site. I will caution you, it's particularly whiney and snot is mentioned. Don't say you weren't warned.

Health? Fitness?? I'm not sure what those things look like anymore. My cold is just knocking the crap out of me. I doubt very much that I'll be going to work this morning. Eating hasn't been terrific. We've had to eat out so much over the past week and a half that everything's kind of a blur. Staying in a motel for 5 days isn't really as exotic as it sounds. It made it very difficult to stay on plan. Honestly, the plan is pretty much out the window at the moment. Some days I don't eat much of anything at all and other days I eat too much. Fortunately, for the past few days, the junk consumption is totally zero. We have been eating a lot of noodle soup, I know that there are worse things I could be doing, right?

I am hopeful that in a few days I'll feel better and normal programming will resume. I miss my routine and I hate cleaning. I have had to give up one for the other and it's not as much fun as you might think. The payoff will be, of course, that we sell our house quickly so I can stop worrying about stuff all of the time. I really want to get back into exercising again in the morning instead of blowing my nose for 30 minutes when I first get up. I miss it, a lot. Fingers crossed, I'll be back on track by Monday, if not sooner.

Friday, April 08, 2005

day 96 - happy friday

I am very close to having survived this week. On a fitness/health level, it's not been good but sometimes that is okay.

I ended up leaving the office at around 1:30 yesterday afternoon. My hunny quit work early and took me for a big bowl of noodle soup at my favourite Vietnamese restaurant. That soup helped more than even I imagined it would. On the way back to the motel, I stopped off at the drug store for some decongestant. I got some pills and some nasal spray. The wireless connection in the motel wasn't working properly (it seemed). The signal was very weak and I couldn't connect to anything so I just took a nap instead of getting any work done. When all was said and done, I only missed 2 hours of work so I didn't feel too badly about sleeping the afternoon away.

After my nap, we stopped by the house to see how things were progressing. It looks amazing. They got the first coat of paint on the living room, the kitchen just needs a couple of touch-ups. It looks so big and bright, it's really a huge transformation. The upstairs is coming together nicely too. Overall, I'm impressed and am quite looking forward to seeing the finished product.

I apologize for this blog being more about the house and less about my fitness program this week but sometimes that just happens.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

day 95 - insult? allow me to introduce you to my friend, injury

Goodness gracious folks, I'm sick. Big surprise huh?? It's official, I have a disgusting head cold. All winter I would get symptoms and think, "why can't I just get the damned cold, get good and sick and get it over with." Well, obviously, when I get lots of rest, exercise and healthy, home-cooked meals, my body couldn't get "good and sick."

Yesterday afternoon, I started to feel my throat closing in and I knew it was coming. By the time we got back to the motel last night, it was official, I felt like shit. I couldn't sleep for more than 45 minute without having to get up and blow my nose. The sleeplessness may have also been the mattress, much firmer than the one we have at home.

In any event, I have dragged my sorry ass into work this morning for a couple of reasons: 1. I am helping out with a big project today and can't not be here and 2. What would I do in a motel all day when I can't sleep well on the bed and there's only basic cable?!!? Fortunately, they have free wireless internet in the room so I may take my work laptop "home" with me tonight. If I'm feeling crappy tomorrow, I could do a bunch of stuff from there.

Speaking of work, I had better get my day started. Happy Thursday kids!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

day 94 - blob

Things I either didn't do at all or just didn't do well, over the past 24 hours:

- go to bed early
- sleep very well
- workout this morning
- eat breakfast

Yeah, good day so far huh?? I'm completely exhausted and I'm not sure how much longer I can keep this up. I feel like a blob. A tired blob. I did sleep a bit last night but it wasn't really enough. We went to bed at 11 p.m. and were up at 4 a.m. This morning I felt really weak and exhausted and I couldn't exercise. Actually, I could have, if my bike wasn't pressed up against our stove, which is now sitting in the middle of the living room.

As far as the house goes, the improvements are going really well. The new flooring was installed in the kitchen yesterday and it looks terrific. They gave the kitchen a first coat of paint too. It's hard to believe it's our kitchen it looks so big and bright.

Today they are starting on the bathroom and our bedroom. We'll go home after work and do any little jobs that need doing but it's going to be too smelly to sleep in (they are using some kind of weird sealer on the walls before they prime so that the dark paint colours we chose will cover -- I may never paint a room "glazed raspberry" again). We shipped LOG out to my folks' yesterday and we won't see him again until Friday.

The upside of this is that we are well on our way to what we wanted to accomplish. The downside is that I have felt nauseous for the past three days. It's stress and a lack of sleep, I know that. Sadly, knowing it isn't making any difference and I still feel crappy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get to bed early tonight. With any luck though, the sick feelings and lack of appetite will result in some weight-loss this week. See, there always is a silver lining!! bah!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

day 93 - zombie time

Auto-pilot. I think that is how I'm functioning today. I took one of my pills but still didn't sleep all that great last night. I was a little groggy when I got up though so they must have worked. I know I got more sleep than Sunday night but not a whole heck of a lot of more.

Last night, immediately after leaving work, we had to go and pick out our new kitchen flooring. Because our kitchen is completely ripped up, we ended up having to take the LOG to Denny's for dinner (he wanted eggs). I had an okay dinner (I actually came under a bit in my caloric intake yesterday!) and was really looking forward to going home, taking my pill and having an early night. Sadly, it didn't work out like that. We had to take another load of stuff to the storage locker and then do a couple of errands. When we finally did get home and I took my pill, I got to chill out for 45 whole minutes while we watched an hour (on tape) of Coronation Street. At the end of Corrie, I should have gone to bed. Shoulda but didn't. My hunny was packing stuff in the computer room so I went downstairs to empty the pantry. It had to be done and I knew that I wouldn't feel up to doing it in the morning. I was so glad when I finished. I got kind of dizzy doing it and realized that I was now, officially, over-tired.

This morning at work, I was so foggy that I actually considered going out for a coffee (did I mention that I don't do caffeine anymore?) and something sugary. I felt like I needed that artificial jolt to get me going. Something inside me held me back though and I did not give in. I have also successfully avoided the stash of candy that is still here in our office. I'm feeling good about that. The exercise thing, I'm still doing that and that feels good too. If I could sleep, a good night's sleep, and stop feeling anxious and nauseous over the house, I'd feel better. I hate to think of how horrible I'd be if I was all jumped up on coffee and candy. I guess it can always be worse.

Monday, April 04, 2005

day 92 - week 14

Things at home are quite chaotic. We worked our asses off all weekend, more packing, more throwing out of stuff, more trips to the storage locker and a tonne of rain.

After last week's chocolate melt down, there is no longer any chocolate in the house. Actually, there's not a whole lot of anything left in there right now. From what I hear, our kitchen is pretty ripped up right now, some minor construction (to box in some pipes) is happening, the new flooring goes in tomorrow. Reports indicate that things are sailing along at a good clip.

I had a bit of a non-chocolate meltdown last night. I know I was just freaking out and was really overtired. In my mind, I had thought (hoped, planned?) that we would be completely ready, in every room, for the carpenters when they arrived this morning. At 8:30 last night, it was clear to me that it wasn't going to happen that way. Fortunately, they are doing our bedroom and the computer room last (the two rooms we have left to the end to sort out). Wednesday through Friday, we're booked into a hotel near the house so we'll be able to go over in the evenings and do any necessary cleaning up or whatever but we won't have to sleep or bathe there. Honestly, coming into work this morning never felt so good. I am really enjoying the distraction from thinking about all things house-related.

As far as food and exercise goes, it's sort of weird. I'm making myself do my Monday to Friday morning workout routine. At the moment, that is keeping me sane. On the weekends and through the evenings, we're just packing and cleaning and generally moving furniture and boxes around constantly. My eating has not been stellar. I'm only half-assed tracking what I eat right now too. It's really tough when we're just grabbing food here and there when we think of it. More often than not, I'm trying to find things that have raw, crunchy veggies in them. There should only be another week or so of this total chaos. Once we start having viewings on the house it'll mean that the big work is done and I'm just maintaining a level of "company cleanliness" at the house. Right now, I'm really looking forward to having the place sold so I can relax. I don't feel relaxed at all right now. This morning (after having a practically sleepless night last night) I thought about taking my anti-depressants again. They sure helped me before when I took them. They are so mild, they just let me calm down and sleep and when I'm more rested and calm, I don't want to pig out all the time. I'll have to try and find them, just in case. Ugh, what a rambling post. Sorry about that folks.

Anyway, once again, its Monday so here is my latest weekly wrap-up:
summary - week 13
  • I was able to break 7 miles again, each day that I rode. I ended up riding 5 days last week, 30 minutes each day, for a total of 36.73 miles
  • I took my vitamins 6 out of 7 days this week
  • exceeded daily water intake goal 7 out of 7 days
  • intentionally exercised 5 out of 7 days (and worked like a dog for the other 2)
  • did a lot of lugging and slugging and generally moving my butt while we were packing and moving stuff
  • forgot to weigh-in on Saturday. Checked it this morning and it would appear that I'm in maintenance mode at the moment. I'm holding steady at 17 pounds lost since my restart on January 3

Friday, April 01, 2005

day 89 - an april fool

Last night when I got home, I had to prepare for our meeting with the real estate agent to list our house. As I sat in front of my computer, making notes for the meeting, I thought I would throw up. Everything kind of hit me, how we had bought a house and still hadn't sold ours. I felt completely, physically ill. Instead of going outside and walking around and getting some air like a normal person, I kept making notes and I started shovelling chocolate into my face. Yeah, you heard it, we had chocolate in the house, still do in fact. At C*stco the other night, we bought a bag of these tiny little milk chocolate bars. They are absolutely delicious and truly are something to be savored. Last night though, I was the amazing chocolate hoovering girl. It was disgusting. I kept eating them, my stomach still felt gross, I was freaking out. Eventually, I put the bag down, stopped eating and went downstairs for dinner. Yeah, you heard it, dinner on top of the chocolate. Fucked up or what??

So we had dinner, the agent arrived, we had our meeting. About 1/2 through the meeting, I had to excuse myself and run to the loo where I was violently ill. Fortunately, it was a brief bout of violent illness and I felt better when it was over. I felt calmer and confident that everything would work out. My question now though, is why did I eat that chocolate?? I didn't want or need it. It didn't make me feel any better, I knew it was wrong when I was doing it and yet, I did it anyway.

Gah! Luckily, I've been managing to keep up with my workouts so at least everything hasn't fallen, colossally to shit. Also, I stepped back on the scale this morning and noticed that I have maintained again. Officially I weigh in tomorrow but I'm not expecting to see any dramatic loss, not with the amount of chocolate I ingested yesterday.

I wish that this post were an April Fool's joke but sadly, it's not. The sooner all of this house selling stuff is behind us, the better it will be for everyone.