Wednesday, March 25, 2009

wednesday wrap-up - week 7

I was so looking forward to having an excellent report for you all. I had also thought that I'd be posting here every day. Alas, that's not the case!

The cold I had a couple of weeks ago is still around. It's a wacky bug which is now affected my head. I had a killer sinus headache on Monday. It was so bad that I actually had to leave work early. I went home and got into bed and felt much better after a couple of hours of sleep. Today, the headache came back though so I had to resort to taking some drugs because I didn't want to leave the office again today.

Fortunately, in between episodes with the cold, I've had some good days. On the weekend, we did a fair bit of walking (until I started to feel like crap on Sunday afternoon). We're trying to get into more of a routine to walk together, with the dogs, in the evenings. I realize when we are doing it, how out of shape I am but I'm determined to keep at it. Even if we just do a lap around the small block, I feel good about that. Eventually, we'll expand it and when I've conquered that, we'll expand it further. I'm taking my time with this so as not to discourage myself. Walking with the cold does make things more difficult while I'm doing it but afterward, my cold symptoms go away for a little while so that's pretty good.

Anyway, the wrap-up isn't really awesome this week but I'll do one anyway!

So, having said all of that, here's my weekly wrap-up:

summary - week ending March 24
  • vitamins and water - back on track on both scores. The cold made me want to drink lots of water in an attempt to flush the crap out of my system
  • didn't post here as much as I'd wanted to
  • bought a buttload of gorgeous produce on the weekend and have been enjoying snacking on berries and apples and other good things
  • gave into a bad craving for potato chips while I was really sick but here I am, being honest about - bully for me huh?
  • feel good about my first attempts at a coordinated exercise plan. Now that the nice weather has returned to my part of the world, and all of the ice is melted, there is no long an excuse to avoid it so I'm getting out there and moving my considerably huge butt. Yay me!


Preciousgem said...

Hi I am sorry to read that you have had a bad bug. They always come around at the wrong time. It's like it is their sole purpose in life to attack us when we have so many things planned! I understand what you are going through with the exercise. I myself have been having a difficult time getting motivated. I am eatting right but without the movement there will be no weight loss. This is not a good thing. The worst part is I have exercise equipment right in my house!!!!! There is just no excuse except that I am just plain lazy! Tonight I plan to do some cycling. Keep your fingers crossed! he he he

Matthew said...

I had a bad cold 3 weeks ago and was coughing a lot. I hope you get well soon and be able to enjoy walking the dogs again!