Tuesday, October 05, 2010

almost a month later

Yikes, last month I said I really wanted to post more often and then I totally dropped the ball.

I wish I could report that every day since the last time I posted was picture perfect and that I was sitting here an entire pants size smaller than I was on September 6 (the date of my last post) but I can't. The last month hasn't been a complete wash out but it didn't end up like I'd hoped it would.

There are lots of excuses I could give for it, work got busy, struggles with a head cold, yadda yadda yadda. The bottom line is that there were excellent days and others which would best be described as wash outs. Fortunately, the good days out numbered the bad days.

Exercise was sketchy, in consistent but still a huge improvement over previous months. Food choices at home and in the grocery store were much better than they had been. Sadly, we chose to ignore the healthy food a few times and order take outs (generally Chinese or pizza).

The big thing is that I refused to be completely discouraged by "bad" days. This thing will get easier and we'll plow through the temptations in the best way we can.

I did promise to talk about long and short terms goals and I still promise to do that. In the meantime, I was actually able to meet one of my short term goals and it surprised me. In 2007, I bought this really pretty pink top to wear to a wedding (with a black skirt). When we restarted things in late August/early September, I was thinking about that top and how nice it would be fit into it comfortably enough to work in. I had a particular work event in mind, that event happened on Saturday evening and I wore the pink top. It fit me much better than I thought it would (although it could still be a bit looser). Wearing that top, as small and silly as it might seem, felt really good. It reinforced and reminded me that we need to stick to our guns and lose this weight.

I want to fit into all of the nice clothes I have in my closet which are just too snug, I want my knees to continue to feel better and I want us to be a couple of active, healthy old people.

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neca said...

Glad you are back and those sound like excellent goals to me! :-)