Wednesday, October 06, 2010

not a usual wednesday wrap-up

The cold I referred to yesterday still haunts me. What's worse is that it hasn't actually developed into a full blown cold, it's just been there, in the background, bothering me whenever I get tired. It's mucking with my stomach too, I think, whatever this bug is.

Over the past 24 hours, I've probably eaten less food than I have in any other 24 period over the last month. Sadly, I have also been running to the loo and had a sinus headache for extra fun.

The smaller amount of food was intentional, the bathroom running was not. Can't really say what that was about. I feel rather strange right now, a little loopy if I'm honest, could be the sinus meds.

Whatever the case, my hubby and I talked a lot last night about our plans to move forward. This came on the heels of him having a doctor's appointment yesterday. In this appointment (which was with a specialist, not his GP), he was told that if he lost as little as 50 pounds (that probably sounds like a lot of weight but we both need to lose a significant amount more than that right now), he could get off almost all of meds. He's a type II diabetic and that means he could possibly be off all of his diabetic medication, his blood pressure stuff and possibly only be taking his cholesterol stuff. Eventually, he may be able to get off that as well.

This news was not surprising to me, I've seen this happen to folks on the Biggest Loser. I've told him that before but this is the first time he's heard it from a physician. It was great to hear this. We're both seriously working on our portion control. What we eat has rarely been the problem (pizza nights and chinese take aways aside), the portion thing has been. The trick I think is to bulk up on the veggies and cut back on the noodles or rice. The two of us have decided to cut pork out of our diets (we already don't eat beef). Our nightly dinner contains tofu at least twice a week, I'm sure we could make that happen more often.

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