Wednesday, April 09, 2008

wednesday wrap-up - week 7

Can I get a high-five? I made it through another week without a visit to the DQ. We did have some rather lovely, new, Breyers ice cream treats which are yummy and lower in calories than a DQ (MUCH lower) so that was a terrific subsititute!

Right now, I'm really jonesing for strawberries of the fresh local variety but I know that they are about 2.5 months away so I'm trying to control that and get a serious grip.

Anyway, I'm perking up a bit and the cold thing I've had for a couple of days seems to be going away so... I'll try to summarize my efforts this week... here's my weekly wrap-up:

summary - week ending April 8
  • took my new "lady" vitamins every single day this week, even on the weekend
  • I think because of my cold, I drank way more water than I normally would (and normally I drink a lot). So yeah, water goals, not an issue - skin is looking good for it
  • work is a smallish source of temptation right now. I gave into cookies last week (as reported) and had a few "treats" there this week too. Fortunately, we're heading into a time when folks will be on the road more and I'll be there alone more so there will be less treats to be tempted by. bah
  • between work busy stuff and having a cold, I didn't post every working day but I've been consistent with Wednesdays the past few weeks so that's something
  • still not stepping on the scale but feeling okay about that. Pants aren't feeling horrible and tight at the moment
  • lots of time outside chasing the puppy and some lovely spring time walking was had this week

Monday, April 07, 2008

getting better

One of the reasons that I decided to make a move last fall and apply for my current job was the pace of the old one. In order to keep up with things, I found myself going into the office up to 2 hours early each day, working through lunches and spending chunks of my Saturdays catching up. Of course, the Saturday catchup only happened on weekends when I wasn't already working, either on site or somewhere else between Ottawa and Toronto.

My current job has a much more sane work load and it's only busy (really really busy like I mentioned above) a couple of times during the year. This is one of the times of the year that it's busy. I don't mind having to do this once in a while because I know that it's not an all the time thing. Being away from the insanity for 3 months though, really made me "soft" so to speak. The longer hours I've worked the past week has thrown me for a small bit of a loop.

Looking back at it now, I realize how lucky I was to make that move. I truly like my job again. In my last role, I loved the work and my team but the pace was crazy. At the moment, I'm on a great team, doing work that is really interesting and I'm not exhausted all of the time. I really appreciate this because it is allowing me the time I need to take care of myself.

I'm glad that I kicked myself in the ass last fall and did this for myself. I feel like I have the time again (not maybe this week) to truly devote to taking better care of myself and my family and that is worth more than all of the money in the world.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

wednesday wrap-up - week 6

Gah! As I mentioned yesterday, it's a really slow process this go-round but I'm not letting little slip ups stop me completely. Happily, I can report that I did not give into my strong urge last night. I really wanted to drive to the DQ but am proud of myself for not doing it!

Let's take a look at what's been happening with me... here's my weekly wrap-up:

summary - week ending April 1
  • bought actual "lady" vitamins on the weekend and began taking them again, immediately. The ones I had been taking didn't have as much calcium and iron and these ones do. I feel better for taking them and I'm just on day 5
  • Again, I rock the water. I could be a camel!
  • gave into a couple of stupid cravings: some ketchup chips on the weekend, a couple of too-good-to-be-ignored chocolate chip cookies at work yesterda
  • Was less than regular with posting on weekdays but I'm getting better
  • avoided the scale again this week
  • mostly puppy related exercise this week but I did get some walking in too

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Over the past couple of days, I've been trying to be "good" and it's working for the most part. I'm hormonal as hell and would probably do something really illegal for a Georgia Mud Fudge Blizzard right now if the opportunity presented itself.

The end of last week and the weekend sort of fell away in a blur. We had puppy issues on Thursday, hunny illness on Friday and over the weekend. Admittedly, there was some mindless snacking in amongst the stress but not enough that I feel terrible about it.

I must say that having the puppy in the house has me moving much more than I had been doing prior to his arrival. Leash training continues and when that's done and he's all happy to be walking around on the leash, I plan to walk with him each morning before work. My hunny can do the evening shift or we can do that together but I'm really looking forward to getting outside and walking with our beautiful new dog. Another by-product of the new puppy is more meals at home so that we're actually here with him (because he's awesome) and that's always better for my calorie count.

Overall, I'm really happy at home, good busy at work and getting back into the groove with my food intake. The exercise thing I'm not worrying about too much because I've been running around with the dog and that just plain old feels good.

Question for you all though, have any of you signed up online with Jillian Michaels? I really love her on the Biggest Loser and was looking at her program but was wondering if any of you cool kids had tried it out yet. When I did the absolute best with my weight loss was when Bev still had the Weigh-better forum going so I'm always interested in hearing about new/newish online resources.